The Orchid Society of Karnataka (TOSKAR) is a Non Profit Organization based out of Bangalore formed with intention of Promotion, Popularization and Creating awareness on Orchids.

Objectives of the Society

* Orchid Conservation
* Cultivation
* Propagation &
* Popularization
* Education
* Development of Orchid Industry both in Rural and Urban areas.


Achievements so far
* Enrolment of Members: Ca. 300 Nos.
* Bimonthly Meetings/Talks on Orchids: 29 Nos.
* Workshops & Conferences: Two State Level; One National Level
* Publications: Orchid News Bulletin (Quarterly): 8  Issues; Desk Calendars- 4 times
* Participation in Flower Shows: eleven times in Bangalore and once in Chandigarh, Trivandrum and Tirthahalli respectively
* Promoting hobbyists, farmers and women groups in growing orchids in rural and urban areas.
* Training and Demonstration on Orchid Growing.