Orchid Care for July

Month wise Care & Tips for Orchid Culture in Bangalore


  1. Monsoon is on and time for growth of orchids with good humidity. Look out for new root growth and fresh shoot growth
  2. With rains problems of snails, slugs will start. Watch out for the damages to young and succulent leaves and buds especially that of Dendrobium & Phalaenopsis. Best time to catch them is the night times, look out for them with a torch locate and if possible remove them physically. For effective control use Metaldehyde in the areas

    Phalaenopsis hybrid attacked by snails
    Phalaenopsis hybrid attacked by snails

    Snails attracted by Metaldehyde and dessicated
    Snails attracted by Metaldehyde and dessicated
  3. If your orchids have flowered, then this is the right time for re potting, if your orchid needs one.
  4. We are in the middle of the peak growing season (up to Oct-Nov), water thoroughly and fertilise well (remember the thumb rule, weak dose on a weekly basis). While fertilising ensure that the flowers are not sprayed
  5. Cattleyas and their alliances have started putting out buds which are encased in a sheath. Most of the times, the buds will force out themselves out from the sheath, in case if it is not able to, gently slit so as to enable the bud to come out

    Cattleya with sheeth and a bud inside
    Cattleya with sheath and a bud inside
  6. Monitor watering of your orchids as this is monsoon season especially if you are keeping them under shade net or open area, ensure that excess water is not there for Paphs and Phals.

By K.S.Shashidhar