Training and Demonstration in Orchid Growing – 9th June 2018


The Orchid Society of Karnataka (TOSKAR) will be organising bi-monthly sessions
for the common garden enthusiast and hobbyist on the nuances of successful orchid
growing. The growing of orchids is not difficult, but the key to your success lies in
understanding their specific requirements. The sessions will prepare and help you
to understand the finer points of orchid growing.

The first session is scheduled for Saturday the 9 th June, 2018 at Conference Hall,
Horticulture Information Centre, Lalbagh and will focus on the genus ‘Oncidium’. Details are as follows:

Date: Saturday 9th June, 2018
Timing: 10.00a.m. to 1.00pm
Venue: Conference Hall, Totagaarika Mahiti Kendra (Horticulture
Information Centre), Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore
Registration fees: Rs.300 for members
Rs.500 for non-members

Registration; On-line registration. We are restricting the number of
participants to twenty five, hence please register early to avoid
disappointment. (Please find the registration form below)

Other details: Participants will be provided a starter kit and given a hands-on opportunity to get a feel of how to pot or mount the plants.
The session will be overseen by Dr K S Shashidhar, author, one of our senior members and an authority on local orchid species.
Contact person: Mr Suresh Kalyanpur

Content of the Workshop

  • Introduction to Orchids – Epiphytes & Terrestrials, Monopodial & Sympodial.
  • Selecting a good plant, deciding on a plant/genera suitable to your growing.
  • conditions, genera and alliances suitable for growing in Bangalore.
  • Light requirements for your orchids and placing them in the right location at home.
  • Temperature requirements of orchids in general.
  • Water – when and how much to water, problems of over-watering
  • Humidity an important factor, how to maintain it.
  • Aeration – its importance specially during the summer months in Bangalore.
  • Nutrition – what to provide, how much, when to fertilise.
  • Potting of your plant – selection of pots .. clay or plastic. Mounting of orchids.
  • Potting media – types, their advantage and dis-advantage, use of locally available media always preferred.
  • Potting procedure – potting of epiphytes and terrestrials, staking a plant,labelling and its advantages, repotting – when and why is it necessary.
  • Pests and diseases – common pests and how to control them – seasonal pests.
  • Oncidiums – specific tips on its cultivation, growing and taking care of this lovely orchid.
  • Question and answers to any specific doubts raised by the participants.
  • Potting / Mounting of the genera with hands-on experience being provided to each individual participant

Mode of Payment
Payment to be made by means of bank transfer to the following account
A/C The Orchid Society of Karnataka
Canara Bank, Lalbagh West Branch
No 0684101029386
IFSC Code: CNRB0000684