Conchidium filiforme

Species of the Month – September 2015

Conchidium filiforme (Wight) Rauschert
syn Eria dalzellii (Hook. ex Dalzell) Lindl.

The genus Conchidium gets its name from the closed shell shape of the pseudobulbs. This genus has ten species which are mostly epiphytes and some time lithophytes. They have been found occurring in low to upper elevations. The plants are generally small in size.

Conchidium filiforme (Wight) Rauschert is one of the epiphytic species found in Western Ghats in South India
Flower: Flowers are many and arranged in orderly manner on the inflorescence. Usually the inflorescence is about 12-15cm long. Flowers are Conchidium filiformeless then half centimetre in size and they are creamy yellow coloured with slight greenish tinge. The flowers usually open from nearer end (closer to the blub) of the stalk first and continue successively flower towards the far end.

Plant: Plant with with miniature pseudobulbs can be seen in clusters on the host plants. The pseudobulbs have kind of netted sheaths on them and they are devoid of any leaves in summer and winter season. The plant starts sprouting new leaves and inflorescence during the rainy season and can be seen flowering well during the rainy period in the Western Ghats. The leaves are much shorter than the inflorescence.

Habitat: These epiphytic species is found growing on the tree trunks on trees in higer elevations and on the edge of forests, where there is higher amount precipitation. Looking the habitat they are in, it is quite evident that they like good amount of sunshine and seem to thrive in well areas where there is good air circulation or windy conditions.

Conchidium filiforme


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Article by: Ravee Bhat

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  1. I have an image from Amboli, dist Sindhudurg, Maharashtra dated 03/09/2015. I wish to check whether they are capsules/fruits of Conchidium filiforme. Can I upload the images to verify?

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