Dendrobium pendulum

Species of the Month – February 2016

Dendrobium pendulum Roxb. 1832
Synonym: Dendrobium crassinode Benson & Rchb.f.

This species is a small to large sized warm to cold growing epiphyte and Dendrobium pendulumoccasionally lithophyte found in North East India, Western Himalayan range to Vietnam.

Stems are olive green in color and decurved and pendulous (hence the name pendulum). Each node is knotty and swollen and can be grown just for their unique looking stems.

This species has two distinct seasons in its natural habitat. During its growing season it receives copious rain fall and fertilizaton and winters are dry and cold. This species is decidous in nature and remains dormant during winter and blooms in early spring on upper nodes of its leafless canes.

Fairly easy to grow in Bangalore. Grow the plant in bright light and keep it moist and fertilize during the growing season. Withold fertilization during winter and regularly mist the canes to keep the pseudobulbs from shrivelling.

Dendrobium pendulum
Dendrobium pendulum flower

Given the recurved and pendulous nature of the cane, this species is an excellent candidate for mounting in tree fern or wood. Blooms once a year in spring and blooms can last 3-4 weeks in good care.

Article and Photos by: Mr. Sriram Kumar

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