Training & Demonstration sessions in Orchid Show 2017

Training & Demonstration sessions in Orchid Show 2017

The Training & Demonstration sessions scheduled during the orchid show 2017 is conducted with the objective of introducing orchid growing to the beginners along with some of the specific requirements of popular genera under cultivation in India. This will be imparted
through lecture, demo and ‘hands on’ about various cultural aspects.
The proposed schedule is as follows:


4 thoughts on “Training & Demonstration sessions in Orchid Show 2017

    • HI,
      This is Robert Cyril from Kanpur… Please look for Dendrobium Speciosum orchid in the show (its an Australian variety) . Kindly help me find this orchid… Please check and reply..

  1. Hii..i am a beginner ..can u suggest which session will I have to attend yeah can i register an pay the fee on spot..

  2. It really nice to see that you all arranged for the Training & Demonstration session by various knowledgeable people ( Thank you all) .
    I also suggest that a highly technical or a knowledgeable person should be present to clear the concept of green house or passive humidity as this is the most important part of orchid growing ( very much important in dry climates in different cities)
    All the very best
    Wish you grand success…

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