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A small list of Orchid websites found elsewhere on the internet.

Note: All the above links open in new browser window. All the links are provided as we found them on the net and we do not have any control or quality of the information available thereof. Use discretion as applicable.
Note: The list is not in any order.

Paphiopedilum Website
The Pleione Website
American Orchid Society
Orchidaceae – The Plant List
Peter Siffels Orchideeen collectie
Swiss Orchid Foundation
Orchids of Kerala
Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia
The Florida Native Orchid Blog
Flowers of India – Orchids
Orchid Species Culture
Dracula Species
Central African Orchid database
Native Orchids of Trinidad and Tobago
The Seidenfaden Database of Orchids
Phalaenopsis orchids, species and primary hybrids
The Orchid Photo Page
Mexican Association of Orchidology
Home Page – Coelogynes.com

Orchid and other botanical journals

Orchids – Journal of American Orchid Society
Orchid Review – Journal from RHS, Kew
Malesian Orchid Journal – Journal from the Natural History Publication, Borneo
Threatened Taxa – Journal of Threatened Taxa
Rheedea – Journal of the Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy
Orchids Australia – Orchids Australia
Orchid Research Newsletter
Lankesteriana – Scientific journal from Lankester Botanical Garden
Epidendra – The Global Orchid Taxonomic Network
The Orchid Specialist Group (OSG)
Species Identification Task Force Submissions

Weblogs / Blogs
happy-orchids – blog Sriram Kumar

more to follow soon

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